I love to sew.  It's as simple as that really and its a love I've had from a very young age.

I've been sewing in some way or another since I can remember and have dabbled in many crafts along the years too (gosh, it makes me sound so old!!). 

When I left school, I was a bit lost on what to do and started a pattern drafting course right around the corner from one of Australia's leading fabric retailers (dangerous, I know, right?).  After persisting for some time, they finally hired me ;) and my fabric stash starting to grow...it was not unusual for a new shipment of fabrics to arrive that afternoon and for me to take some home and whip up an outfit to wear back to work the next day!

But life took a different course and after some travel overseas and meeting my husband, I settled into a very different career.  I still dabbled in sewing but I just didn't have the time to commit to it anymore.

Then my first son was born and I pulled my machine out to make things for him, starting with flannelette cot sheets.  They became quite popular with my mother's group that I started to sell them and then started selling at markets with other nursery manchester items.  (In between all this, my second son was born).

Eventually, I returned to my true passion, making clothes, although this time around its for the little people in my life!

PS I also love fabric ;)